Saturday, 27 August 2011

Art Class

I used to go to a life drawing class many years ago. There were two models who posed for us on alternate weeks: a male model, who was a taxi driver by day, and a female model, who was an art student. This is a preliminary sketch of the male model. I did it on the edge of my paper to get the feel of the pose before starting to draw in earnest. I haven't got that main picture anymore; I thought more of the sketch, so tore it out and kept it. I think it catches something of the man and the pose as I remember it.
Interestingly, I remember comparing this sketch with the main picture at the end of the session and noticing that the model's pose was almost a mirror image of how he had started. Very slowly over the course of the session, he had shifted from the pose above to what was almost its reflection without any of us realising that he was doing it.