Monday, 1 August 2011

100 Year Old Tree

Last year, I saw this commemorative slab on the east wall of Saint John the Baptist Church, Pentrobin, North Wales.


When I was a boy there was a song called 'It Only Took a Minute' by 'Joe Brown and the Bruvvers'. In the opening line, are the words 'It took a hundred years to make that old tree grow'. (I thought until last week that it was 'oak tree' - as in the picture - but be that as it may.) I used to wonder what a 100 year old tree looked like. Who knows when a particular tree was planted; they don't usually have plaques telling us when. It also struck me how, if one were to plant a tree, one wouldn't be around to see it when it reached that age. Now I know. Well, more-or-less. When the tree in the picture below was planted it would have been a sapling, so perhaps I now know what a 101 year old tree looks like.


You should also be able to see the tree from above here.

This somewhat autmnal capture from Google Street View shows the tree without its leaves: