Friday, 1 January 2010

The Basic Idea

I am an inveterate note maker and scribbler - on bits of paper, in computer files, in the cloud etc. Similarly, I am a collector of things - tangible things, objet d'internet, things that I just find interesting. Every so often these get sifted, filed away or discarded. Sometimes, as I do this, I think that it is a pity that nobody else gets to share in what I have found appealing.

So, rather than simply collect a plethora of notes and images in various forms that would go largely unseen by anybody else but me - and eventually be lost to all - I thought that I would blog some of them instead. That way my loose thoughts and ideas - and anything else that I think worth keeping - can be collected into one convenient place; both convenient for me to access
- because, importantly, blogs are 'taggable' - and convenient for me to share.

This, then, is something of an open repository of stuff that simply appeals to me or concerns me in one way or another. Please, don't be put off by any apparent lack of organization or structure. Embrace it instead. (Alternatively, you can always use the tags.)