Sunday, 23 October 2016

Stop checking your emails (so often)!

Recently, it was reported that, one in three adults checks their emails in the middle of the night! Putting aside questions of 'Why?' and comments like 'Get a life (even when you should be asleep)', there is the question of what this is like if viewed slightly differently - that is, if viewed 'aslant'.

As noted on 'The News Quiz' (BBC Radio 4 - 15th May 2015), checking emails is like going to one's front door and looking to see if anybody is there. It is like going out and asking the post/mail man if there is anything in his bag. (There are post/mail women, of course, but ours is male.)

Where I live, the post/mail man only comes once a day (and never on a Sunday), so why should it not be the same for the (virtual) email (man)? It only takes a bit of discipline and self-control.

I close the email application on my work PC after I have used it and only open it again to check for emails at times convenient to me. I do not have an alert sounding every time something arrives - unlike my colleague who's computer goes 'dink' quite regularly. If there is anything urgent about which I need to be informed, there is always the 'phone (which, in my office, I keep in a drawer behind where I sit).

When working at home, I never have an email application open and only check to see if there is an alert on my tablet when I am not doing anything else - and feel like checking. I do not have what can only be described as an email-checking habit - which is a polite way of saying 'addiction'. In fact, I probably have the opposite. Indeed, when the 'phone at home rings, I rarely answer it unless I am expecting a call.

(At home, I do open the front door - on Fridays to pay the milkman and on other days to tell people politely - or in the case of Mormons, impolitely - to go away.)