Friday, 5 August 2016

So many clocks. Why, so many clocks?

Why are there so many clocks on so many things? Ovens have clocks when all they really need is a timer. After all, my bread-maker and my washing machine both have timers (and start delay options) without the need for a clock; so I have no complaint there. However, every personal electronic device has a prominent clock declaring the time whether I want to know it or not. No manufacturer of these things - so far as I can tell - has provided us with the option of turning these clocks off. Telling us the time is the first time these things do. It is not the first thing I want to know when activating these things.

On my laptop and tablet - and on my office PC - I have either removed or hidden the clock. If I want to know the time, I choose to look; to find out. After all, I have a watch (kept in my pocket; I never wear one). If I need to know the time, I can check (or set an alarm). I do not need to be told the time all the time.