Thursday, 5 May 2016

Does it follow...

…that universities are where the deepest thinking and learning takes place?

There are still people who regret never having gone to university or failing to complete a degree course. I was reminded of such a person this week. He had tried three times to get a degree and, for one reason or another, had been unable to complete the course. Now aged 70, should an intelligent and very interesting man, successful in variety of other ways, still have regrets?

The truth is that a lot of shallow and mundane thinking now goes on in universities around Britain - and I am sure all around the world, too. Deep thinking and learning goes on where deep thinking and learning goes on; it is not confined to a particular place or type of institution. Yes, there are universities where very deep thinking has and will continue to take place. It is just that being called a university doesn't guarantee that it does, has or even that it ever will. And it can be done by those outside such places.