Thursday, 11 February 2016

On travelling to work

There are two ways to get to work: by private transport or by public transport. Private transport usually takes the form of travelling by car; public transport, the bus or the train. (I shall overlook the fact that there are different forms of cycling.) If one can't afford a car, one has little choice than to go by public transport
If one becomes very wealthy one may hire a chauffeur to drive your car for you. Here I think that there is a sense of coming full-circle. Doesn't a bus or train driver chauffeur those who travel by public transport?
So, one must conclude that there is no difference between a poor person and a wealthy one.
(What is more, before I got my bus pass (which allows me free bus travel), all I paid was £10 per week for a weekly bus ticket: a lot less than it costs to hire a chauffeur.)