Monday, 11 January 2016

Perhaps God must play dice

Albert Einstein (1879-1955), confronted with the conclusions of quantum physics, famously stated that "God does not play dice".

If the universe were based upon simple 'cause-and-effect' there would have to be a prime (or unmoved) mover (a deity of some sort) by necessity. That prime mover would ultimately be discernible or traceable in some way by following the chains of cause-and-effect events backwards. A prime mover or deity that wants to be met by the freewill of a human seeker - which is the type of God of which we conceive in the West - must be a God that is veiled in some way; that adopts some sort of anonymity.

Such a God cannot choose to create a cause-and-effect universe. It must be a quantum, random, non-deterministic universe lest all be revealed and God be found through rational means rather than desire. So, such a God - like the one of which we conceive - must play dice.

The question then becomes how do we re-conceive of such a God... and what of a such a game of dice? What is that really like?