Tuesday, 29 December 2015

What is the Measure of a Day's Worth?

When you get to the end of the working day and you get home to be met by your partner and asked 'Did you have a nice day?' how do you arrive at your answer? (Assuming that you do not give the all too frequent, bland and automatic response of 'Oh. Fine.')

Do you, evaluate your day by...

...how much you have done?
(That could be either how much you have done for your employer or for yourself in your employer's time!)

...how much you have earned or been paid?

...how little you have done (while still getting paid the daily rate)?

...how many (or how few) people you have seen?

...how mentally stimulating it has been?

There are many more suggestions that one might make. Perhaps the real question is 'Do you evaluate your day or just get through it without giving it much thought?'

As you start a new year, asking this question may put things into a different perspective.