Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Appealing or Cheating?

There is something appealing about a blank, colourless Rubik's cube. No matter how it is twisted and turned, it is successfully completed. Or is it?

If Rubik's cube is about aligning the colours, is having all the colours the same cheating? Or, is there another word for this?

Perhaps, even when there is just a single colour, one should still return to some putative starting position in order for  'completion' to be claimed. Which starting position though? The one that the cube had when it came out of the box or some other - the one at the start of that day's twisting, perhaps? How would one know either of these things?

Also, is there, I wonder, another arrangement of the colours so that two or three sides have the same colour and there is more than one solution. That is, more than one way of getting to, what I have called above, the 'starting position'? In which case, it would be a "getting to" rather than a "getting back to". So, has it been completed or not?