Saturday, 17 May 2014

Happy (Pharrell Williams)

I loved Happy by Pharrell Williams from the moment I first heard it during a TV ad break. It had me driving for my iPod to find it within seconds.

You can't help but be happy when listening to it. How anybody can give it a thumbs down on YouTube I just don't understand but at the time of writing nearly 47,000 people have! The number of thumbs up and views tell a completely different story.

I then found out that there is a 24 hour video version. This is a very clever and impressive idea. The song is played 360 times with the video moving seemlessly from happy person to happy person. You can't help but be happy to see people so happy.

I wonder if anybody has been sponsored to watch the whole 24 hour video at one go?

I can't get the version to work but 24 Hours of Happy at YouTube works just fine.

Just click: 'Play all' and get happy!