Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Remembered by God

One of my first jobs was working for a publisher called Falcon Books. When I started, they had just published a modern rendition of a number of psalms in a book called Psalm Praise. We were all given a free copy to celebrate.
I remember a few quite vividly. Pasted below is one of them. It raises an interesting theological point. Do we just exist or do we exist because we exist in God's mind? Perhaps in terms of the ideas propsed by Bishop George Berkeley (1685-1753).

Forgotten for eternity
is that to be my destiny?
Your face no more to smile on me,
oppressed by every enemy,
my soul enduring agony?
Oh answer me my God;
oh answer me, my God!

Restore to me serenity
and, in your gracious charity,
lest I should die, give light to me;
frustrate my gloating adversary,
uplift my soul in ecstasy,
and I'll rejoice, my God;
and I'll rejoice, my God!

Paraphrase of Psalm 13
Michael Saward