Friday, 23 November 2012

Having a Laugh on the London Underground

A lot of people like trains. While there are many avid trainspotters, I never considered myself to be one. Instead, I have always been a London Underground buff. So when my daughter sent me this link recently, I was immediately enthralled. Some people have - or perhaps someone (a veritable Underground Banksy) has - been altering the maps and other signs on the London Underground in quite amusing ways - as you can see above. I found some tumblr and Facebook pages for 'Stickers on the Central Line' and Google searches for this phrase yields numerous results.

This appears to have been going on since my birthday last year (27th April 2011) although, sadly, it wasn't my idea and I have nothing to do with it. I consider whoever is doing it to be contributing positively to underground travel and long may they continue to do it - and evade detection.