Saturday, 6 October 2012

My schedule is mistaken

Having decided on a new blogging schedule, I have gone and got the dates wrong.

I could go into various reasons for this but what does it matter.

Instead of one blog on 5th October, there was one on 1st October and now this one in the early hours of 6th October - just before I go to bed at the end of the previous day. So, in a sense I am (almost) on schedule. Strange that somebody such as myself, who claims to hate working under rigid structures, should impose a structure upon himself. Or, is it a desire for good personal discipline in an attempt at aiding productivity?

One could think of this week there hasbeen two blogs instead of one; although this one is pretty worthless, except that it illustrates that my organisation needs to be - and when I finish typing this will be - improved. The way to do that will be by making an advanced note in my old fashioned paper diary. Although this diary is kept to make retrospective notes about what I have been doing, marking blogging days so that they can be seen in advance won't hurt.

So until 11th October ...