Sunday, 23 September 2012

Where did all the bird's come from?

On the way to work one morning, I walked under the roundabout as usual and was confronted by a host of origami birds laid out on the floor. This certainly made a change from the stranded pigeon that one sometimes finds down there.

I wondered if it was part of an art project or something. (I was once stopped by a man in town who asked me to take his photo. He was stopping 100 people and getting each of them to do this as part of an art project.) So, I looked for a sign saying why the birds were there but there wasn't one. All I could do was take some photos.

What was interesting was other people's reactions. I stopped for a couple of minutes and looked at this presumed installation from different angles. I was also careful not to tread on any. Other people just took no notice. Admittedly, they didn't kick them about - at least not while I was there. However, they were much more disorganised in the evening when I went home and they were gone the next day.

(I also wondered if this might be part of a psychology experiment into people's reactions to unexpected objects. I looked for somebody with a clipboard making observations but couldn't see anybody.)