Thursday, 7 June 2012

Laptop Art

Customising the lid of one's laptop is something that has yet to really take-off. It's not as popular as I would have thought it would have become. My daughter got a laptop a few years ago (when they came with Windows Vista installed!) which had a transparent lid under which one put any A4 sized image one liked. She kept to the same floral image all the time she had it. My wife now uses it – with the same image.  More recently, skins for laptops, iPhones, Kindles etc. have become available.
I suspect the situation is different for different types of computer user. The following two images (from Karin Andrea's Flickr photostream) are suggestive of a certain type of user i.e. a serious one (cf the Linux and GNU stickers). These images appeared different occasions on my iGoogle page. I have a gadget called Notebook Photos by GadgetMama which gives a different image of a notebook (computer and paper) each time I login.

LapTop1.0 LapTop1.1
© Karin Andrea. (Click for the source of the originals.)