Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Another observation about the clocks changing

I came across this intriguing thought while listening to the radio the Saturday morning before the clocks went back. Somebody contacted the show to say that they had been born at 1.50am the night the clocks went back. That is, just ten minutes before the clocks were put back. That meant that an hour later there was another 1.50am. How does one distinguish between the two? There could be two people each born at a different 1.50am and so differ in age by an hour.

That the clocks change in the middle of the night is surely to minimise confusion where possible. However, there are things that will nevertheless happen during that hour even though most people will be asleep.

While on the question of there being two of all the times between 1am and 2am of the day the clocks go back, on the day the clocks go forward there are no times between 2am and 3am. Nobody has ever been born at, say, 2.50am on such days.