Saturday, 23 July 2011

Random Text

I've often wondered whether randomly generated text might give rise to something interesting. So, I've given it a go. The three brief paragraphs below were generated using the 'Creativity Tools - Random Paragraph Generator' webpage. Two words - 'random' (as the primary subject) and 'text' (as the primary subject) - were entered and I clicked the 'New Paragraph' button three times.

I'll leave it to you to judge what you think. It is probably not the words and whether they make any sense that matters. Rather it is what the words inspire in the mind of the reader and what they then go on to do with it that matters.

This is what came out with each click:

Into this fringe scratch jumps the assisted boss. Random indicates another struck sister. Text walks under random. Near the permissible marriage rattles text. Will each infantile ceremony nail random?

Random changes under the invisible burst. The eyesight gasps within a synthesis. A lesbian mist excepts the laid concern. When can a grown gender dispose of the youth? Random approaches a fossil. The coffee fails in an incompetent.

Text carpets random into a flute. The farmer propositions the universal. Random spikes the surrounded center underneath the crush. Will random react beside the autobiography?