Thursday, 17 March 2011

Four Dead Ducks (Untitled)

Many years ago – certainly over 20 years – I had a photograph displayed in the Cardiff Photographers' Gallery Christmas exhibition. (I can't remember whether 'Photographers' Gallery' was spelt with a 'Ph', 'F' or 'Ff'.) This is that photograph. It was called 'Untitled' at the time – and probably still is.

I took it in Leadenhall Market in London, probably in 1981. I think what I like about this picture, apart from the darkness (I work predominantly in black and white), are the verticals and horizontals – even though they are not entirely perfect. It's my obsession with right angles which, back in 1981, I didn't realise I had. The use of a square format was also important at the time and also the place the image was printed upon paper. (Hence, the miniature version.)

Ducks Ducks (2)