Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The eyes – and maybe the lips – have it.

I was taken aback by the picture on the cover of last week's Radio Times. There was something not quite right about Christina Hendricks's face. (Not that I've studied it – or any other part of her – in any detail.) I just looked at it as a face and quickly came to the conclusion that it wasn't so much a face as an exaggeration of a face.
On the cover of the Radio Times, her eyes seemed just too big. So I've searched for a picture with which to make a comparison. Below is a copy of the cover picture and a clipping I made from a video capture at a website called 'Admiring Christina Hendricks'. I think my conclusion is justified. She has, in the vernacular, been 'photoshopped' - and not only her eyes. I think that her lips may have been enlarged, too. Not to mention how the corners of her mouth seem to have been turned up.

See what you think.

RadioTimes(4-10Sept2010)   Hendricks2